We present the ISSUE platform

Thanks to ISSUE - Idonms platform it is possible to examine how users access and surf the website and even how they become customers . Using this information you can make decisions that enhance the results of online advertising.

More than statistics

ISSUE is the most advanced web tool of International Digital Online Manchester Services " Idonms " which apart from showing the entries and the most visited pages , provides various data sorting through menu segmentation and customizing reports at the needs of each business, each department and each user. Plus you will know the behavior of each user that reaches your web page.

Adaptation with Adwords

If you make use of AdWords to drive traffic to your website, ISSUE – Idonms will give you all the information needed to take decisions regarding keywords. AdWords reports will show you all the information on your campaigns , the number of times your ads were viewed , how many clicks they got, the cost thereof, conversion rates , e-commerce transactions generated , investment income and profit margins obtained.

Geographic location

All visits charts by location will teach you where your users come from indicating traffic by continent , region, country and city . In that way , you will know what geographical location you should direct your campaigns to or in which geographical areas you have succeeded.

Display redirection

ISSUE - Idonms also gives you the chance to determine the objectives within your website and even set the direction that you want your customers to follow in order to achieve the objectives . It Provides a report with the percentages of goals achieved and the percentage of waiver which has occurred.

Making an advanced segmentation of visitors

Idonms provides reports on menus segmentation which can classify data according to various factors. Idonms analysts reviews, if you are watching the users who are accessing the website from a particular city, you can use that information in order to know which means she or he used to come up with the keywords, the language ... the reports can be distributed in various formats and programmed to be sent to different emails with the purpose of sharing data with all the departments of your company.

Various statistical systems for advertising

The intention of ISSUE Software – Idonms is transported all the technical information to a single language and environment for advertising. Thus it will be presented by various reports . You can target three different user profiles for proper management of time and information.

Executive reports

Supports the development of a general monitoring of the state that the goals and conversions should achieve , plus the cost of the various campaigns authorized to achieve those objectives.

User profile: For any director , office or head department who does not have enough time to examine all data relating to advertising and is only interested in knowing the results achieved.


ISSUE - Idonms is focused on all the officials who are responsible for generating and optimizing advertising campaigns , promotion, or traffic (PPC, SEO , Banners ) . the behavior of the users in the mentioned advertising campaigns.

User profile: For anyone who is responsible for advertising , product , account executives , media planners , creative agencies.

Technical Reports or webmaster

Through these reports you will improve everything related to the technical aspects that can influence the achievement of the objectives, such as: making pages indexed by robots, download times of pages. Generally, all report supports IT managers.

User profile: For anyone who is technician, typesetter, programmer or IT managers in general.

Development work


Idonms Agency review,advises that before you begin any action with ISSUE - Idonms platform it is essential to make a thorough analysis of the situation along with a detailed definition of the objectives willing to comply. It is therefore indispensable to rely on the strategic advertising department and coordinate all actions with existing or planned advertising campaigns. Before developing any action with ISSUE - Idonms platform it is necessary to conduct an analysis situation and a clear definition of the objectives to be achieved.


Website Optimizer test provides different versions for the same compound by various types and formats. It also supports performing a test , the type A / B, with which you can compare different versions of entire pages , or a multivariate test , by which you can determine all the elements to be modified and make different combinations and different variations for each of the elements .


After performing one or more tests (A / B or Multivariate ) you can observe which has been the most effective for each of our objectives combinations. When choosing what kind of test we will use we also have to establish the number of elements and coordinate variables . Idonms Analysts Reviews: it is fundamental to take into account the traffic of the website and the duration ot the test, because the more the traffic of the website , the less time is applied to obtain reliable results of the experiment.

Analysis and conlusions

The measurement and then the perform analysis will achieve the conclusions which have been effective combinations than the rest. Website Optimizer provides visualization of the results which show the most successful combination with various data detailing the findings and allows the experiment and learn all users to perform future optimization actions . All obtained conclusion of the experiment will be attached to a summary report that collects all those aspects to be taken into account depending on the results.