Online reputation crisis management

The crisis management service requests fast and effective responses in order to attest that our voice and our version of what is happening is heard. By the time a person or organization are involved in a whirlwind of an online crisis it is essential to give a quick answer.

What is the use of the crisis management service?

Idonms analysts advise you on how to develop an integrated strategy to fit the items set forth below :

  • Conduct a research to understand all the elements integrated to the crisis and define the potential impact.
  • Review and give the necessary priority to online communication whether it is for the media or for online and offline audience.
  • Contenidos Online monitorizados adecuados con la crisis según se van produciendo en tiempo real.
  • Review and develop a strategy with the crisis team before starting to produce a response.
  • Enable the conversation and take the initiative rather than be dragged by the events.
  • After the worst of the crisis was over, they begin to modify the presence and online communication strategy depending on what is necessary when processing all the feedback.
  • Coordinate and organize the traditional communication department and the right person.