Pay per click Advertising

In online advertising there is a type of campaign which is pay per click advertising (PPC) that supports having presence in search engine results by previously purchasing the keywords . It means that when an internet user performs a search with a purchased keyword and clicks on the advert a previously agreed amount is being payed to the search engine.

What does pay per click advertising mean?

Idonms develops various pay per click advertising campainges on Google Adwords and Yahoo! Search Marketing to obtain qualified traffic and a high yield investment.

Idonms Analysts Reviews : No matter the budget you want to invest in your advertising, what is important is that the results are achieved for return on investment and that the incoming traffic to the site does not leave before having performed the target actions.

Idonms Analysts work with our clients to achieve and integrate campaigns in search engine advertising plans.

All our analysts are certified by Idonms which enhances the knowledge and experience held . At all times demonstrating the headquarter their skills in creating, developing and managing pay per click advertising campaigns.

If you are performing a pay per click advertising but you are not satisfied with the results, let our Analysts analyze your campaigns and we will inform you on how you can improve.