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British SMEs improve their use of internet marketing

52% of businesses do not achieve their business results through their web.

Consultancy and Online Media Agency Idonms (International Digital Online Manchester Services) submitted a report with devastating data from a study on how companies use Internet.

55% of SMEs say they are not satisfied with their online internationalization strategy and 76 % say they have not obtained any tangible commercial results through its website. Moreover, most companies admit they have not exploited sufficiently or effectively the potential of this channel.

The study was conducted in a survey which involved 160 companies of all sizes and sectors, to which 5 questions were formulated.

One of the most surprising findings relates to the limited use of marketing tools (online and offline) to improve sales via Internet, in addition to the absence of a well-defined plan and the low visibility of their products in the network, hence the difficulties of exporting more.

67% of SME websites are not search engine optimized

Many small businesses in the UK are failing to make the most of their online presence, with 67% of SME websites studied having either very basic or no SEO work at all.

This is one of the findings of a study, carried out by the Consultant International Digital Online Manchester Services (Idonms) .

The study looked at 1,000 SME websites and compared them against a range of SEO criteria; including indexing in search engines, and signs of onsite optimization.