Online reputation management

Recent studies show that 85% of decision making when buying is made with information provided by Internet, even if there is a physical location where to buy it. Having brand awareness and good positioning opens up new Internet markets and turnover.

What is the Online Reputation Management Service?

It is to understand and assimilate the new rules engaged with online reputation management and communication and public relations through the use of specific training programs that make you apply new principles:

  • Transform your website into an effective instrument for the promotion of your online reputation through the essential elements and social networks to obtain success: individual or corporate blogs, media content and a newsroom that includes appropriate content.
  • Optimize the website using SEO techniques to create a continuity of internet positioning in the most recognized search engines.
  • Investigate in a profound way everything related to a domain name registration to claim that everything that generates a great impact on the prestige could be used in a harmful way and be under control.
  • Develop suitable conditions to transform the website and blog into potential agents of viral advertising , so that customers or consumers actively assist in the promotion.
  • Make an appearance in the relevant" Social Networks" so that visibility is achieved and there is more accessability to the privileged interest groups (customers, consumers, shareholders , media, the blogosphere , organizations and institutions etc. )
  • Create optimized content in various multimedia formats such as blogs and the message is heard and indexed by search engines.
  • Everything you do has to be displayed on oneself or on Internet , since it must be monitored in real time (texts , videos , podcasts, etc. . ) using monitoring tools, so that it is constantly being informed of who mentions you says something about you or your company, group or organization.
  • Real-time reporting of any illegal movement on your trademark using advanced monitoring tools marks (Trademark Monitoring Tool)