Institutional websites

Idonms work with institutions and agencies. It has platform through which they can disseminate all information of public interest, so that they may bring a bi -directional relationship with the population. Using , opinions , interest , downloads , etc. will be measured.

Accessible plan for institutional websites

Idonms has a great experience behind the development of institutional websites as well as a counseling service and design by our analysts to perform this type of project.

Idonms believes all accessible website is one that complies with the web accessibility guidelines established by WAI , where with your design you will allow anyone regardless of their physical or technological condition, understand, navigate and interact with the web .

Thanks to our Idonms Analysts we have all kinds of creative solutions and we adapt them to the needs of each individual customer. Therefore we offer a team of creative designers specialized in developing web pages , after having realised a conceptual analysis of the image that each entity has , since we design something unique and personalized.

Release and enhancement of contents

The main objective according to Idonms Analyst reviews is that the institutional website is disclose all information that is interesting and relevant to the public and therefore do record . In addition it is essential to have the dynamic content platform ISSUE- Idonms to make a correct disclosure of the contents by the media.

Idonms has a support to meet needs such as:

  • We have customized content management tools for the maintenance of websites, intranet and databases .Thanks to all our customers these applications may update the information available on its website fully independent and easily. Different ways of posting information are available . Idonms therefore propose and develop various means suited to the needs of individual client .
  • Idonms Analysts make available to customers a team of expert copywriters in the development, optimization and updating of web content in various languages.

Different ways of posting information are available. Idonms propose and develops various means suited to the needs of individual client:

  • RSS Feeds: Idonms provides a simple way to cover news, calendar events, etc.. with a data format that allows to redisclosure all content available to subscribers to a website.
  • Creating blogs: Idonms Analysts design and create institutional blogs.
  • Newsletter Idonms Analyst develop and design the newsletters sent by email, in a more traditional way. Besides being more effective if done properly through appropriate platforms, according to Idonms analysts opinions.
  • Send the press releases, in different ways of distribution.