Web Analytic

You have spent hours designing your website and promoting it but you do not know if you have achieved the results you expected? Thanks to Idonms' web analytics service you will be able to measure all users behavior and the profitability of actions and campaigns . The analysis results will help you take the right decisions for online advertising. Analysts Idonms will help you determine the best analytic solution for your web.

What does the analytic web and content testing service provide?

Idonms offers you the consulting service of web analytics to make you familiar with the current tools in the market. Advising you on which suits your needs in the best way . With Idonms you will only pay what you need.

After determining the tool, Idonms analysts will help you establish them and configure them properly. Idonms also advises you on how to determine the objectives and indicators that should be used to measure effectively the return on your investment (ROI). Idonms Analysts create dashboards tailored to each client so that each one can extract the data he care about effortlessly. Idonms teaches you how to interpret all the data and transform it into useful information for decision making. Idonms Analysts develop different versions of the pages and content for each client in order to measure which has achieved the best results (Testing of Contents) . If you have several websites, we can adapt all of them with a customized scorecard , so that you can visualize the primary data of all existing web pages.