Advertising in Social Networks

2.0 Web allows interaction via Internet through various platforms to users who may be distributed throughout the world. Taking advantage of the users of these platforms is a very important stepo to consider in an online advertising strategy.

Social media or social network are all online platforms, through the philisophy of Web 2.0, allowing users to interact with each other and sharing all types of multimedia documents. Within these platforms, you can find sites like YouTube, MySpace o Facebook.

Considering the importance of these social networks in the Internet environment , it is essential to adapt to the online advertising strategy of the firm to exploit their advantages.

The constant updating of these pages and the philosophy of interaction between users to combine information and opinions makes Agencies such as Idonms achieve that search engines evaluate positively the links and reports that are in them. To make sure that it influences positively on a website it is essential to create a customized strategy and methodical work.

How do we handle social media advertising?

For social media advertising, one of the most important points is to implement a customized plan with a team that dominates the interaction tools in social networks, considering the philosophy of free opinion of these platforms.

It will be essential to understand the target audience to which it relates and not try to force opinions in social networks that can bring critics if it is the case of trying to trick users.

Pushing the traditional communication model in which the company or institution notifies an audience that could not provide a replica, social networks show a new model of participatory communication. The success will be to adapt to this situation and act properly in public.

The primary objectives that can run with the Social media advertising online are:

  • Develop or enhance the image of a brand or company on Internet
  • Support to management online reputation.
  • Benefit the online positioning increasing the presence in search engine results.
  • Encourage visits to the web via external links.