Email online advertising

If managed correctyly E- mail advertising can raise the awareness of a new product and retain customers through e- mails sent with compelling design and content . It is possible to get really positive results through a proven data base of our target audience.

Take profit of e-mail advertising

The usage of promotional emails has been declining in recent years because of weak response results . But in many circumstances , the reason for a weak response is the wrong mailing management , since with an effective mailing plan it is likely to achieve interesting results.

Sending an E- mail may seem a simple task, and perhaps this assumption is the resason for the lack of attention to the development and delivery process within the e- mail online advertising.

Guidelenes for success with e-mail advertising

To achieve success with an e- mail advertising campaign it is necessary to perform an effective and short term action plan

Set objectives and creativity

is essential to set the goals which want to be achieved and set a corresponding creativity to these goals , in graphical and textual content.

Develop according to the target audience

you must bear in mind the profile of the user that it is going to receive that e- mail , in order to implement an attractive design.

Write relevant content

the texts of the e- mail must be attractive and interesting for the users from the very beginning , otherwise they will not dedicate time to read it.

Select a secure database

one of the most important keys is to have a database which leads to the final users

Examine the results to improve

as another variant of online advertising , a way to improve the e- mail in online advertising is to examine the behavior of users and the results achieved , and apply that knowledge to future campaigns.

Incorporate the action in the marketing and advertising plan

for it to be logical and measure results.