2.0 Newsrooms

Idonms provides 2.0 optimized newsroom. This has many advantages: It will help you improve the SEO of your own website with the help of our analysts achieving loyalty to those who are interested in your business by disseminating content via RSS. It conveys good online positioning and a good image for all agents on the net . It also helps to circumvent online reputation crisis . Idonms is expert in developing a complete process of 2.0 newsrooms.

What is the development of 2.0 newsrooms?

It is important to keep in mind that 98 % of journalists use Internet to find information for their articles , so what Idonms analysts think is that if a company does not has a corporate website it will be invisible to the press , so we propose that companies that have a website also have a 2.0. Newsroom. In this way you will achieve greater presence and visibility, plus your press releases gain much more value.

The Newsroom 2.0 puts all your communications available to journalists who already know your official statements , in addition to distributing simple and economical Internet press mode repositories .

Idonms Agency Review: Broaden your contacts, expand your horizons !

If it were only that should be taken into account that anyone can access and visit your 2.0 newsroom: potential customers , distributors , analysts, employees .... That's because a search engine like Google ranks this kind of web page as well positioned.

Every newsroom is created considering the broad universe in which journalists operate . This has become a key site for companies's advertising. The optimization and distribution of all press releases to be indexed so well positioned to provide internet to your web page is perhaps the most traditional but necessary part of the Online Press Rooms . Each link to your company on each of your press releases helps to improve the positioning. A 2.0 Press also offers companies a kit where you can have all the pictures, audio files , video , presentations and corporate identity , downloads in pdf ... this will support your page to appear when someone searches for topics related to your business.

Idonms analysts will help you develop a 2.0 Newsroom, forming you on 2.0 elaborating if you need it,and even optimizing and writing you contents, news and press releases.

2.0 Newsroom Advantages

The develop of a good newsroom creates a big impact and will be visible in several respects:

  • It enhances your corporate image and the image of the mployees of the press department and of all the employees who believe appropriate . Your Newsroom will be like your business card for your online presence, preserve it and it will provide you a good image.
  • You will have all your press releases chronologically ordered and searchable by tags or labels : identify key concepts to each press release to make it easier to find them. Your 2.0 Newsroom shows a tag cloud to provide press releases for the items you want.
  • Increase your organic online positioning: online press room is a great tool for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • In the 2.0 Press you can place press releases and images, presentations , video, audio files ... All this will contribute to a better SEO for your corporate website.
  • Increases your Online Prestige . Put your voice on Internet before somebody else does it before you. The more content is available online about the vision of your company, your brand , your product or yourself , the more difficult will be that negative comments posted by others harm your business .
  • Loyalty to your contacts : you can determine as many RSS feeds as you like, for those wishing to keep abreast of your activities can subscribe to their choice.

Idonms can help you:

  • Development of complete 2.0 Press Rooms, optimized by search engines. If it is fundamental, with a design like the rest of the corporate portal.
  • You do not have to waste time on computer jargon: Online Newsroom lets you hang anything you want anytime in a very simple way.
  • Do not lose time with formats: any press release that you upload is automatically generated also in pdf format.
  • Don't you have a team of editors? Trust Idonms and save costs. Idonms Analysts can write your press releases properly optimized with the information you provide.