Companies online Positioning

Whether you have a designed website or not, we advise you on any improvements you should make and the actions you should implement to achieve good online positioning and to appear on the first pages of search engines.

What is an online positioning consulting?

The online positioning consulting analyzes every technical and strategic aspect of your web page as it will be what influences the online positioning. Our methodology allows us to understand better the industry, your business and your online objectives so Idonms can provide a solution to position you at the top and where customers will see you.

If you still do not you have a website or you want to renew it now it's your time to do it! Idonms analysts advise you on how to create your web page as a good advertising tool optimized by search engines and appealing to the eye.

What do our consultancies include?

The report of the results of Idonms consultancy will provide you the keys to perform optimization and other recommendations as well as how to increase website traffic

In the report you will find the following clarifications:

Make a list of keywords

Group of terms that have to be taken into account at all times in order to optimize a web after assessing the research and the present competitors and the relevancy for both cases

Analysis and advice

Current rating of the main points that will influence the positioning and Idonms analysts opinions advising improvements or actions to optimize these points.

Competitors implementation

Analysis of the online positioning of the main competitors through the main keywords and an analysis of the strategy conducted for the online positioning.

Website SEO - The prototype

Recreate the website with any actions and improvements necessary in order to create a clear and quick overview of it.

Web promotion tips.

Idonms analysts offer proposals aimed at capturing the traffic depending on the sector, business plan and objectives in the online media pay per click advertising .

Traffic monitoring advices

The steps to take to set a web analytic software in order to know in detail all the changes in traffic you perceive once the website is optimized.

Idonms gives you the search engine optimization service if you do not have a provider or a technical team to integrate the actions and proposals.