Content Manager

All updated content gives more value and increase traffic, according to Idonms Analysts. Content management systems (CMS) help you upgrade. Idonms develops custom web content managers, so you can update the website in a simple and efficient way.

What are Content Management Systems (CMS)?

Web Content Manager is a tool that supports developing and maintaining a web site simply by people who do not have advanced technical knowledge. It allows updating your website and all its contents easily. With them you can:

  • Publish news about your business.
  • Deliver newsletters.
  • Publish new products through an online catalog.
  • Post and reorganize information of the website

There are various types of content management systems (CMS) , which have multiple features to manage the content of a website or intranet. Selection based on various factors, the objectives of the website ( corporate information , product sales , etc. . ) and of services which want to be provided (newsletters , search engines, etc. ) .

Idonms develops specific web content managers tailored to the needs of our customers but Idonms analysts configure existing applications depending on the preferences of each. Either of these options will admit that those responsible for the management of our web page to manage the dynamic content directly , which will save time and will minimize maintenance costs .

Content management systems advantages

Following Internet evolution every website that contains static information and little interaction with visitors has become obsolete, since users do not go back to those websites which do not offer them updated and useful information. On the other hand, all updated content adds value to your website and this makes traffic web increase. The question is: how do you keep your website easily updated ?

Content management systems (CMS) try to answer this question by offering multiple advantages. For the functions, any benefit is subject to the selected gestures. These are some of the general:

Saving time

Will publish the content you want in the moment one decides in an instant way.

Few maintenance costs

You will edit and update all existing content without having to engage the services of third parties to maintain the website.


You will updat the content from anywhere.

Decentralized updates

Anyone from the company will have the option to update the website content . Each of the departments are able to update the content within its competence.

All content is completely independent of the presentation

Web content managers are supported on a database where all content is saved. As a result, you will be able to make any changes you want in the design without affecting the content at any time or vice versa.