Search engines Optimization

Once internet positioning consultancy is done Idonms analysts will take care of optimizing all aspects needed to make the website visible in search engines as well as enabling the actions proposed in the online media plan to increase traffic to your website.

What does web search enging optimization mean?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is responsible for optimizing websites to Internet positioning, is a process that encompasses all actions which have to be executed on a web page in order to index properly and be displayed at the top of search engines through keywords set . It is part of the online advertising plan, led to attracting qualified traffic which is looking for what you offer . For us optimizing is a means not an end.

Idonms can not guarantee you 100% to be visible with a word in Google's first position, but what we are sure of is that Idonms assures you improve your Internet positioning and have more visibility in search engines and thus increase traffic.

In the report you will find the following clarifications:

  • Analyse and identify key words.
  • Write optimized texts to position companies on internet.
  • Content constructionto distribute on the website to improve positioning on internet.
  • Rewrite static and dynamic URLs.
  • Optimize files : flash , images, PDF, etc.
  • Redefine the links which point to your website or come from it.