British SMEs improve their use of internet marketing

52% of businesses do not achieve their business results through their web.

Consultancy and Online Media Agency Idonms (International Digital Online Manchester Services) submitted a report with devastating data from a study on how companies use Internet.

55% of SMEs say they are not satisfied with their online internationalization strategy and 76 % say they have not obtained any tangible commercial results through its website. Moreover, most companies admit they have not exploited sufficiently or effectively the potential of this channel.

The study was conducted in a survey which involved 160 companies of all sizes and sectors, to which 5 questions were formulated.

One of the most surprising findings relates to the limited use of marketing tools (online and offline) to improve sales via Internet, in addition to the absence of a well-defined plan and the low visibility of their products in the network, hence the difficulties of exporting more.

It is worth noting, the very low score (six points out of 100) obtained by the firms surveyed in terms of visibility and positioning in Internet search engines, what makes selling in foreign markets more complicated through Internet . With regard to brand awareness in search engines the score is just two points out of 100.

Here, we show that although 97 % of companies have high interest in exploiting the online medium as a commercial channel, only 42 % say they are satisfied with the results and only 12 % of the surveyed companies recognize that their online strategy has helped to close sales through this channel. To the answer of the question what are these results due to? 93 % of the respondents gave a resounding reply: Lack of a well-defined medium-term plan and low skilled specialists.

"There are no magic formulas to get results with Internet and even less with the mindset of being carried away by fads in digital media, as we have proved with the study." Says Chris McKendry, CEO of International Digital Online Services Manchester.

Although most companies have a corporate website, it is estimated that 88 % of them have not been made to improve their positioning and much less to enhance their brand awareness or to increase sales. Even though companies are fully aware that traditional marketing is much more expensive (such as keeping sales points, attending trade shows, maintaining sales offices, etc.) there is still a lack of awareness that to increase sales, increase customers, reach clients in other regions, sell faster and better, lead the industry among other key points, you must understand that Internet is a means to our service and not the reverse. Internet can be a very powerful and relatively inexpensive means if there is a well- defined strategic plan behind.

Lack of Qualified Professionals

The study found that half of the respondents acknowledged feeling lost and badly advised by professionals. It also highlights that less than 25% of the surveyed companies do not have a highly qualified consultant in Marketing and Online Communication.

We came to the final conclusion that the combination of scarce human and professional resources available and the low investment (less than £3.000 a year dedicated to this field ) makes it difficult to have a clear strategy and effective execution by British companies and therefore no direct impact on increasing sales through the Internet channel.

Businesses cry for help to improve their online results.

Chris McKendry, Executive Chairman of International Online Manchester Digital Services, says that the company which will understands that having a good online marketing expert to monitor your interests is fundamental will win!

The participants in the survey seem to reach the same conclusion, since most of them assume as priorities for Internet to have a good strategic plan as well as redesigning and improving the web and positioning.

Source: Amy Clare Greaves
Press: International Digital Online Manchester Services UK